SQL Server Performance Benchmarking

This ‘Cellular Automation’ (CA) database application places a precise, repeatable load on SQL Server disk and CPU resources. Queries will typically generate the same plans on each execution regardless of the hardware platform or SQL Server version. IO is benchmarked by transaction log file… Read More ›

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  • Restore Gene V6.70 – Updated 24th June, 2017

    This is a technical summary of Version 6 of Restore Gene, a simple two-script framework, one T-SQL and one PowerShell for optimising SQL database restores. They can used to automate the generation of database restore scripts to perform a variety of restore tasks, such as a full… Read More ›

  • Restore Gene History

    The ‘Restore Generator’ stored procedure and PowerShell scripts were created in 2012 then an article was published by SQL Server Central. Subsequently a lot of contributions were made to improve it notably in Version 4 by Luke to manage backup forking logic, Version 5 additions by Mick to support Azure… Read More ›

  • Database Snapshot Automation

    This PowerShell script creates SQL Server database snapshots with the snapshot files named after the database files they are snapshots of, plus a version number and a .ss suffix. The script should be saved to a folder and called passing… Read More ›