Restore Gene – Version 5.1 – 11th June, 2016.

The ‘Restore Gene’ stored procedure and PowerShell scripts were written Christmas 2012, published by SQL Server Central and were getting about 50 views a day. On May 30th 2016, Brent Ozar emailed a link to it to his subscribers and the statistics boomed with a lot of positive feedback.

Over the last 4 years, many people have added to and updated the scripts. A lot of work was done in Version 4 by Luke Sarro who introduced backup forking logic. Version 5 was suggested by Mick Pollack and includes support for Azure URL backup file locations.

This has been a community effort, in my own and other peoples free time, to develop a flexible, powerful, feature rich and robust restore script generator. The most powerful SQL Server community automation tool for a very specific, common and repetitive task, writing optimized RESTORE DATABASE scripts.

Click Here for Version 3.0 Technical Specifications

Click Here for Stored Procedure

Read the comments at the end of each link, there has been a lot of very positive feedback recently. It’s being used by many people daily, all over the world, to restore development, test and production SQL Server databases.


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  1. Fantastic , Thanks Paul!

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