Restore Gene History

The ‘Restore Generator’ stored procedure and PowerShell scripts were created then published by SQL Server Central in 2012. Subsequently over the years many, many people have contributed and offered encouragement. A lot of work was done in Version 4 by Luke introducing backup forking logic, Version 5 includes additions by Mick to support Azure URL backup file locations and compatibility with Ole Hallengran backups. Version 6 includes support for multiple standby server restores running concurrently with help from Kiran, almost all the new features were suggestions.

Click Here for the Version 6.0 User Guide

Click Here for the Restore Gene Stored Procedure

Click Here for the Restore Gene PowerShell Script

The screen shot below shows site statistics after the Brent Ozar mention Restore Gene in May, there were many views, downloads, suggestions and bug reports soon after this spike in interest.

October 2016 statistics below, Erik at Brent Ozar ULTD mentioned Restore Gene in a blog post which boosted activity again, no new bugs reported this time though.


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  1. Fantastic , Thanks Paul!


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