Restore Gene History

The ‘Restore Generator’ stored procedure and PowerShell scripts were created in 2012, published by SQL Server Central, In May 2016 Brent Ozar ULTD emailed a link to it to their subscribers which generated a lot of new views and feedback.

Over the years many people have contributed, a lot of work was done in Version 4 introducing backup forking logic, Version 5 includes support for Azure URL backup file locations and Version 6 supports multiple standby server restores running concurrently, all the new features were suggestions.

Click Here for the Version 6.0 User Guide

Click Here for the Restore Gene Stored Procedure

Click Here for the Restore Gene PowerShell Script

Read the comments at the end of each link, there has been a lot of positive feedback, it’s used by many people, daily, all over the world to restore development, test and production SQL Server databases for a variety of purposes.


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  1. Fantastic , Thanks Paul!


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