Data Platform Certifications

I’ve recently brought a new HP Mini Performance Workstation with Windows 10 Pro with Hyper-V and use freely available resources for training such as:

Using a similiar setup over the last few years helped pass the certifications listed below:

Data Platform Training – Microsoft


Data Science Training – EDX

The EDX courses below are components of their Data Science program:

This certificate was awarded on completion of all the Data Science courses.

Big Data Training – EDX

The EDX courses below are components of their Big Data program, two more courses are need for the certificate:

Articles Contributed to SQL Server Central

In addition to the three personal projects mentioned earlier, I’ve also contributed these articles to SQL Server Central:

Hobby Projects (3)

The three projects below are ongoing efforts and were written from scratch in my own time. For example, the Graph NEL project was started in a caravan during two week surfing holiday on the days it rained (5). These are attempts to produce something interesting, useful and original, Restore Gene is popular but the other two haven’t taken off yet. A new version of the R graph NEL generator procedure is scheduled for release shortly after my next surfing holiday, if it rains again.

  • Restore Gene – This started as a small script and grew, its being used by a lot of people and organisations.
  • Bioconductor GraphNEL Gene – This started through frustration with graphing applications that can’t cope with more than one edge.
  • CA Performance bench marking – This works well but it’s too complicated and there are other better know bench-marking alternatives.


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