Save this script as PS_CABenchMark.ps1 then call after setting server name, no changes should be necessary.

Copy / Paste only works with Chrome or newer versions of Internet Explorer. A line feed/character return problem corrupts the script if copied using Internet Explorer 8 or lower.

$Server = "SVR01"
$SQLConnectionPrimary = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
    $SQLConnectionPrimary.ConnectionString = "Server=" + $Server + ";Database=DB_Name;Integrated Security=True ;"
catch{throw "Error : Connection to Primary server cannot be established"}

$SQL = 
DELETE FROM dbo.TimingResults;

DECLARE @Cycles_IO int
DECLARE @Cycles_CPU int
DECLARE @CycleDepth int
DECLARE @TestCase varchar(50)
DECLARE @StressLevel int
DECLARE @Initialize bit

EXECUTE @RC = [dbo].[sp_HeartBeat] 
   @Cycles_IO = 100
  ,@Cycles_CPU = 10
  ,@CycleDepth = 1
  ,@TestCase = 'CA BenchMark'
  ,@StressLevel = 3
  ,@Initialize = 1

$SQLCommand = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand($SQL, $SQLConnectionPrimary)

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